These Internet of Things startups are operating on different pain-points in healthcare and allowing for real-time patient monitoring and prevention care outside of hospital settings.

Deals to digital health, an area that encompasses everything from digital therapeutics to health wearables and ingestible connected devices, jumped 20% in 2015.

Investor interest in IoT startups working in healthcare has grown hand-in-hand with the broader boom in digital health.

Increasingly, Internet of Things startups are finding new applications within healthcare and leveraging connected sensors to better diagnose, monitor, and manage patients and treatment. Many are focused on clinical-grade wearables to more robustly track patient data, while others see opportunity for sensor networks within hospitals and practices to optimize healthcare delivery and monitor patient adherence.

We used CB Insights data to identify and map private IoT companies operating in the healthcare sector, in addition to startups powering health and wellness related applications such as sleep, baby monitoring, and fitness tracking.

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We broke down the healthcare IoT into the following categories:

Clinical efficiency

This category included startups that are using connected objects to improve the delivery of healthcare in hospitals and clinics, and also track treatments to boost the effectiveness of healthcare providers. Augmedix and Obaa, for example, enable smartglass wearables like Google Glass to be used for healthcare charting. And Simplifeye harnesses the Apple Watch for doctors to track patient visits and access EMRs. Others like Awarepoint use IoT sensors for location-tracking on patients and medical equipment in real-time, in what they call location-as-a-service. AdhereTech, another startup here, is a connected pill bottle that tracks medicine adherence.

Clinical-grade biometric sensors/wearables

Companies here were focused on connected biometric sensors for use in a clinical or hospital setting, and some companies in patient care (such as EarlySense and Monica Healthcare) have FDA approval. Quanttus, MC10, and others are developing clinical-grade wearables that are on the road to FDA approval. Other clinical IoT equipment included Eyenetra, a smart phone-enabled “auto-refractor” for vision testing.

Consumer/home monitoring

This group of companies develop technology marketed to consumers for the collection of biometric information. Startups in this space range from addiction cessation tracker Chrono Therapeutics to the smart thermometer made by Kinsa. Also included were monitoring systems like Qardio and AliveCor, which allow for ECG (electrocardiogram) testing to be done from home.

Brain sensors/neurotechnology

This was mostly comprised of startups trying to hack the brain with high-tech consumer-targeted cranial wearables. Ybrain and InteraXon (with its brain-sending headband, marketed as Muse) read brainwaves, and Thync transmits mood-elevating neurosignals.

Others, such as Neurovigil, are more clinical-grade projects focused on noninvasive neurotech (brain wave reading/recording) in order to analyze drug efficacy and track neuropathology. Neurovigil raised a Q2’15 Series A from Draper Fisher Jurvetson and entrepreneur Elon Musk, among other investors.

Fitness wearables

These were fitness tracking consumer wearables or smart apparel such as Lumo and OMsignal.

Sleep monitoring

Companies here were focused specifically on sleep tracking. Two examples in the space included Hello and Beddit.

Infant monitoring

Wearable technology that tracks infant movements and vitals. Companies here included Owlet and Sproutling, among others.

See the full list below:

The Map of Healthcare IoT
Company Select Investors Category
Augmedix DCM Ventures, Emergence Capital Partners, Rock Health Clinical Efficiency
Teletracking No outside funding Clinical Efficiency
Fruit Street Various Angel Investors Clinical Efficiency
AdhereTech Blueprint Health Clinical Efficiency
Obaa Health Wildcatters Clinical Efficiency
Simplifeye AngelPad Clinical Efficiency
Pristine Capital Factory, Healthfundr and S3 Ventures Clinical Efficiency
Voluntis BPI France, Qualcomm Ventures, Innovation Capital Clinical Efficiency
Awarepoint Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Venrock, Cardinal Partners, New Leaf Venture Partners Clinical Efficiency
Evermind Tristar Technology Ventures, Jumpstart Foundry, Solidus Company Clinical Efficiency
Quanttus Khosla Ventures, Matrix Partners Clinical-Grade Biometric Sensors
VitalConnect Undisclosed investors Clinical-Grade Biometric Sensors
MC10 Osage Partners, North Bridge Venture Partners, Braemar Energy Ventures Clinical-Grade Biometric Sensors
Senseonics Delphi Ventures, HealthCare Ventures Clinical-Grade Biometric Sensors
BL Healthcare Verizon Ventures Clinical-Grade Biometric Sensors
Sotera Wireless Intel Capital, Qualcomm Ventures, Sanderling Ventures Clinical-Grade Biometric Sensors
ConnectedHealth Get2Volume, Sovran Clinical-Grade Biometric Sensors
iRhythm Technologies Synergy Life Science Partners, Mohr Davidow Ventures, St. Jude Medical Clinical-Grade Biometric Sensors
Proteus Digital Health Kaiser Permanente Ventures, Essex Woodlands, Oracle Clinical-Grade Biometric Sensors
Silent Alert Monitor Undisclosed Angel Investors Clinical-Grade Biometric Sensors
Eyenetra Khosla Ventures Clinical-Grade Biometric Sensors
EarlySense ProSeed Venture Capital, Pitango Venture Capital Clinical-Grade Biometric Sensors
Monica Healthcare Catapult Venture Managers, New Hill Clinical-Grade Biometric Sensors
Sano Intelligence Rock Health, Intel Capital, Felicis Ventures, True Ventures Consumer / Home Monitoring
GlucoVista ff Venture Capital Consumer / Home Monitoring
Qardio Undisclosed Investors Consumer / Home Monitoring
Whoop NextView Ventures, Atlas Venture Consumer / Home Monitoring
Aira.IO ARCH Venture Partners, Lux Capital, Scott Belsky Consumer / Home Monitoring
Chrono Therapeutics National Cancer Institute, GE Ventures, Mayo Clinic Consumer / Home Monitoring
BioSerenity IDInvest Partners and Kurma Life Science Partners Consumer / Home Monitoring
Sunsprite Maine Angels Consumer / Home Monitoring
Kinsa FirstMark Capital, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Consumer / Home Monitoring
TuringSense SV Tech Ventures, Angel Plus Consumer / Home Monitoring
Infobionic Launchpad Venture Group, Mass Medical Angels Consumer / Home Monitoring
Scanadu Relay Ventures, AME Cloud Ventures Consumer / Home Monitoring
Cue Immortalana, Sherpa Capital Consumer / Home Monitoring
AliveCor Qualcomm Ventures Consumer / Home Monitoring
Thalmic Labs Spark Capital, Intel Capital, First Round Capital, Y Combinator Consumer / Home Monitoring
Angel Sensor 500 Accelerator Consumer / Home Monitoring
3rings Westfield Health Consumer / Home Monitoring
Neurovigil Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Elon Musk, Tim Draper Brain Sensors / Neurotechnology
Jan Medical Brainlab Brain Sensors / Neurotechnology
Thync Andreessen Horowitz, Khosla Ventures Brain Sensors / Neurotechnology
Muse ff Venture Capital, A-Grade, Felicis Ventures Brain Sensors / Neurotechnology
Neurosky Taicom Capital, Taiwan Global BioFund Brain Sensors / Neurotechnology
Ybrain Stonebridge Capital Brain Sensors / Neurotechnology
Halo Neuroscience Lux Capital, Andreessen Horowitz Brain Sensors / Neurotechnology
Sensoria Startcaps Ventures, Reply SpA Fitness Wearables
Lumo Innovation Endeavors, Madrona Venture Group Fitness Wearables
OMsignal Bessemer Venture Partners Fitness Wearables
Motiv Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Fitness Wearables
Athos Works Social Capital, True Ventures Fitness Wearables
Atlas In-Q-Tel, JRG Capital Fitness Wearables
Moov Banyan Capital Fitness Wearables
WiThings Ventech, 360 Capital Partners Fitness Wearables
Misfit Bessemer Venture Partners, Founders Fund, Khosla Ventures, GGV Capital Fitness Wearables
Jawbone Khosla Ventures, Sequoia Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Fitness Wearables
Beddit Inventure Sleep Monitoring
Novasom Atherton Venture Partners, Johnson & Johnson Innovation Sleep Monitoring
Hello Horizons Ventures, Hugo Barra Sleep Monitoring
Sproutling First Round Capital, Shawn Fanning Infant Monitoring
BabyBe HAX Infant Monitoring
Mimo Xfund, Andy Parlmer Infant Monitoring
Owlet ff Venture Capital, Peak Capital, TechStars Infant Monitoring


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