The best gift ideas of 2015 chosen by 60+ tech and startup geeks.

With Internet-connected devices and online services addressing more consumer needs than ever, holiday shopping is getting increasingly difficult. Fortunately, with access to the CB Insights database, finding interesting startup products and hot gadgets for gift ideas has never been easier.

We asked our staff of well over 60 what was on their wish list, and rounded up our company’s most-wanted holiday gifts for 2015, in no particular order. All of these products come from venture-backed companies.

1. Narrative


Price: $149 – $199

What it is:

  • Narrative is a compact life-logging camera that takes 2 photos per minute and stores these in the cloud, so that you essentially have a record of virtually every moment in your life. The camera and app combo gives you a “searchable and shareable photographic memory.”

Why we want it:

  • Because “pics or it didn’t happen.”

2. Electric Objects


Price: $499

What it is:

  • Electric Objects makes a high-quality digital art display that can be controlled from a smartphone.

Why we want it:

  • It’s infinite pieces of art for the price of one. The displays come with curated art collections available from Electric Objects’ app, or you can show your own. And we totally regret not buying before they were VC-backed; the price has doubled since Electric Objects’ Kickstarter days.

3. Minibrew


Price: $1,850 (on IndieGoGo)

What it is:

  • Minibrew is connected device and app for brewing your own beer. The software allows you to brew any style of beer (and choose alcohol percentage), while providing customized instructions for preparation.

Why we want it:

  • 5 liters of beer can be made in as little as 1 week.

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 4. Man Crates


Price: $39 – $149

What it is:

  • Similar to subscription service Birchbox but taken to a literal extreme: Man Crate’s boxes of curated goodies arrive in wooden crates with a crowbar provided for opening. These gifts for men will “stir a primal craze of chest bumps and cheers.” Packages include baskets for the exotic jerky lover, the NHL fan, and the whiskey connoisseur, among many more.

Why we want it:

  • None of us has used a crowbar before.

5. Gear VR


Price: $99

What it is:

  • A virtual reality headset that turns a Samsung phone into the screen, powered by the Oculus software platform. Oculus VR was the virtuality startup acquired by Facebook for $2B.

Why we want it:

  • To escape this hellish nightmare we call life.

6. 21 Inc Bitcoin Computer


Price: $399

What it is:

  • An ASIC chip specifically designed for Bitcoin mining. Plug it into your computer, and 21 Computer mines for Bitcoin in the background. Perfect for your cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Why we want it:

  • In case that Bitcoin thing works out.

7. Here buds


Price: Unknown, and currently available only by a waitlist.

What it is:

  • Here is an in-ear active listening tool that helps shape your real-world aural environment. The earbuds, made by the wearables company Doppler Labs, allow you to filter, equalize, and add layered effects on the soundtrack of your life.

Why we want it:

  • Hearables are the next frontier.

8. Roku


Price: $59 – $129

What it is:

  • A video streaming player for the TV.

Why we want it:

  • To Netflix and chill in 4K.

9. Counsyl


Price: $150 – $300 (with insurance)

What it is:

  • DNA screening for inherited diseases and cancers.

Why we want it:

  • A genetics panel isn’t your typical stocking stuffer, so it will definitely surprise or at least cause consternation. In seriousness, it can be helpful for those expecting, or thinking about it.

10. Mi Band

Mi Band

Price: $15

What it is:

  • A cheap version of Fitbit/Jawbone fitness wearable made by Xiaomi.

Why we want it:

  • At only $15, it’s an ultra-affordable wearable that captures all the requisite fitness and sleep data. If you get sick of it, you can abandon it guilt free.

11. Canary Connect


Price: $199

What it is:

  • A connected home security device that can be controlled from the smartphone.

Why we want it:

  • Because a repeat of Home Alone shouldn’t happen in the Internet age.

12. Clearview Audio

Clearview Audio

Price: $299

What it is:

  • A high-quality Bluetooth speaker that looks like, well, nothing. It’s a giant piece of glass

Why we want it:

  • To play all the holiday classics (and “Hotline Bling”) in hi-fi.

13. Jibo


Price: $749, available by waitlist

What it is:

  • A family-friendly robot that reminds you of events, takes photos, and tells stories.

Why we want it:

  • Because we saw the movie “Her” and could fall in love with a robot.

14. Nebia Shower System


Price: $349

What it is:

  • A showerhead that atomizes water to create 10X more surface area than a regular shower, while saving 70% of the water.

Why we want it:

  • We want to shower like Tim Cook and Eric Schmidt (both are seed investors) .

15. Tile


Price: $25 for 1 tile, $15 each in 12 pack

What it is:

  • Tile is a tiny Bluetooth tracker that helps find your lost stuff in seconds.

Why we want it:

  • Losing the keys happens to all of us.

16. Boosted Boards


Price: $999 – $1,499

What it is:

  • A powered skateboard with a wireless hand control.

Why we want it:

  • To shred.

 17. Navdy


Price: $299

What it is:

  • A head-up display (HUD) for drivers that connects to the smartphone. App data such as navigation, calls, and music selection are projected onto a transparent screen on windshield. Hand gestures and voice recognition allows you to interact while keeping eyes on the road.

Why we want it:

  • To tweet while driving safely.

 18. Lily


Price: $999, by preorder

What it is:

  • A camera drone that flies itself while taking HD pictures and video of the user in action.

Why we want it:

  • So we’ll never have to take another “selfie” ourselves.

19. Thync


Price: $199

What it is:

  • A head-mounted wearable that transmits low-intensity currents on the brain to elevate mood.

Why we want it:

  • For when we inevitably get sick of having relatives around.

20. Leesa matress


Price: $890

What it is:

  • A soft and reasonably-priced mattress that comes in a tube.

Why we want it:

  • Sleep. Eat. Data.

 21. Soylent 2.0


Price: Begins at $29 monthly

What it is:

  • Meal replacement shakes. The latest version 2.0 comes pre-packaged in containers, as opposed to a mixing powder and word is it tastes a lot better than the previous version.

Why we want it:

  • Eat. Sleep. Data.

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    I’ll be on my electric skateboard while my mac mines for bitcoins FTW