Google is maintaining a torrid acquisition pace in 2010 with 23 acquisitions year-to-date (with over one quarter still to go).  The year’s total is equivalent to Google’s cumulative acquisition total from 2007 to 2009.  Using CB Insights M&A data, we broke down Google’s acquisition activity over time and looked at 2010 specifically by sector, industry and by focus area of the targets.

After a brief respite during the recession in 2008 and 2009, Google appears to be making up for lost time with this year’s acquisition levels as can be seen below which shows the company’s acquisition activity since 2001.  More interesting, however, is what sectors Google is focused on as can be seen in the second graph.

Google M&A acquisition history

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Given all the chatter about Android and the general emergence of mobile, the data surprisingly shows that Google’s acquisition activity remains heavily focused on internet software and services with 20 of 23 acquisitions being internet companies and only 2 being mobile firms.  There was also a single chip & semiconductor company in the company’s crosshairs in 2010.

google acquisitions by sector

Looking one-level deeper, we break down the industry categories for Google’s internet and mobile acquisitions which show search and social the top industries of focus.  These are followed by several industries in which Google has done at least two deals in 2010.

google acquisitions by industry

Another visualization we created about Google’s M&A activity was to look at the descriptions of all of the companies Google has acquired in 2010 YTD and display them as a tagcloud as shown below.  Again, one can clearly see the prominence of Social and Search in the descriptions of this year’s acquisitions.  Perhaps notably absent as previously stated is mobile.

google acquisitions tagcloud areas of interest

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