Never miss a VC of PE financing or M&A/IPO transaction again. Our new email and desktop alerts ensure you get relevant deal and company news when you want them, where you want them.

VCs, sales executives and corporate professionals alike are increasingly looking for ways to effortlessly monitor deals and news events that are of interest to them without having to log into CB Insights.

To solve this problem, we created and have just launched two types of push alerts that are based on a customer’s existing customized data feeds:

  • Email alerts
  • Desktop alerts

These are part of your account so the the only remaining step is turn them on via the alerts control dashboard (more on that below).

Here is an example of an email alert on Early Stage Fin Tech:


CB Insights Email Alert - Mobile


Desktop Alerts to find what you need fast

While Email alerts solve for proactive deal and news monitoring to your inbox, we also have integrated the alerts into our web application as well.

And while MyCBI provides an intuitive dashboard to configure and monitor as many customized feeds as you wish, there may be a handful which rise above in terms of importance. For example, in one case you might be keenly interested in stalking First Round Capital’s investments. In another case, perhaps you have hand-selected a set of specific companies to keep watch over.

To accommodate this scenario, we’ve enabled real-time Desktop Alerts within our web app via a notification bell in the upper-right hand corner of your screen.  There will be a red number indicating how many deals / pieces of news meet the criteria you’re interested in actively monitoring and once you click, you will see the full feed of information:

CB Insights Desktop Alerts


How can I set up alerts?

While alert delivery answers the calls of customers who want to monitor our data on a push basis, there remains a key step: setting up your account to receive alerts in the first place.

So as to minimize additional effort on behalf of our customers, we’ve included alert set up as part of their normal workflow:

1. Save a Search

Anytime a user saves a search, Desktop Alerts are automatically opted in and the user has the option to receive Email Alerts via the following check box:

CB Insights Saved Search Email Alerts


2. Create a List

Similar to saved search, anytime a user creates a list of companies Desktop Alerts are automatically opted in and the user has the option to receive Email Alerts via the following check box:

CB Insights List Creation Alerts


3. Follow a company

Any time a user follows a company via the “Follow” button in the upper-right hand corner of any profile, she will receive weekly Email Alerts as real-time Desktop Alerts on that company.

CB Insights Follow Alerts


How can I modify alerts (turn on / turn off / adjust frequency)?

All of our alerts can be turned on and off, as well as adjusted for any range of frequencies including real-time, daily, weekly or monthly.  This can be accomplished via an intuitive dashboard as follows:

CB Insights Adjust Alerts

We’re working on other ways to seamlessly integrate alerts into tools you use daily so be on the lookout as we expand to other delivery channels.  In the mean time, if you are a customer and would like assistance enabling Email or Desktop Alerts on your account, feel free to email us as [email protected].