With Custom Charts, quick on-the-fly analyses are possible at the click of a button. The data janitor work of downloading, aggregating and visualizing data in Microsoft Excel is a thing of the past.

If you want to quickly see how a market is trending based on financing or exit activity, or understand who are the top investors in an industry, this usually meant a lot of “data janitor work”.

  1. You downloaded the data from CB Insights to Microsoft Excel
  2. You did pivot tables, vlookup, and other Excel tricks to organize the data
  3. You created and formatted graphs and tables in Excel

If you wanted to refresh this analysis at some point in the future, you’d have to rinse and repeat steps 1 through 3 all over again.

This amount of effort meant that you’d never really do this unless the analysis was really important.

So, we’re changing this.

We are happy to release Custom Charts to help you do everything we mentioned above in seconds without any spreadsheet data janitor work.

Run search and see market trends (automatically in seconds)

Let’s take an example.

You quickly want to know how virtual reality is trending from a financing and exit perspective. You’re curious if funding activity has grown since Facebook acquired Oculus.

Here’s how Custom Charts does it for you without Excel and in 15 seconds.

Step 1 –  Go to Deal Search.  Punch in “Virtual Reality” in the keyword box in the Company Attributes filter section.  This gets you a list of startups working in “virtual reality”.

 Custom Charts - Virtual Reality step 1



Since Facebook announced their intention to acquire Oculus in 2014, you want to see what the trends looked like a few years prior to the acquisition announcement and subsequently. This will help you see if the space has really benefited after the deal or if investment and M&A pace has stayed steady.

To do this, you simply restrict the Deals Date in the “Financing & Exit” filter section as below.


Custom Charts - Virtual Reality step 1b

Step 2 –  With filtering criteria set, you hit “See Results” and then the “Charts” tab to view the trends.

Yes, it’s THAT simple.

Here’s what the analysis reveals.

Since the Oculus acquisition, funding to companies focused on virtual reality has boomed. 2015 saw almost 5x the amount of funding, and 3x the number of deals. The funding trend for 2016 shows that in just the first 3 months of 2016, funding activity is already far outpacing 2015.

You can see this trend on the Activity tab within Custom Charts. You can quickly toggle between the trend on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

Note: You can, of course, still download the deal search results and manipulate data in Excel if you want, as the deal data below the trend shows you.


Charts view trends


The Deal Size tab in Custom Charts quickly shows how average and median deal sizes have trended in virtual reality. What we see is that median deal sizes remain relatively steady but averages have trended up driven by larger deals to the space.


Charts view Avg amd medium size


The By Stage tab highlights the relative nascency of the space with almost 75% of the deals into Virtual Reality at the Seed/Angel stage.

Charts - by stage


A quick look at the “By Geo” tab gives you the flexibility to break down and compare funding by country, region, city, or continent.

In this case, we looked at India, London and California; California is getting most of the deal activity. (Note: we are purposely comparing different region types in this section to illustrate the flexibility of Custom Charts. You typically wouldn’t compare a city to a state to a country as we’ve done here).


Charts - by geo



The Top Investors tab shows you who has invested most actively in virtual reality.  You see the usual suspects (Google Ventures,  Intel Capital etc.) and a few corporations, like Comcast Ventures and Disney Accelerator dipping their toes in this water. You also see seed stage accelerator Boost.vc and early stage fund Rothenberg Ventures at the top of the list.


Charts - top investors



With Custom Charts, you can also quickly see Exit Activity to virtual reality broken out by M&A vs. IPOs as well as Top Acquirers in the space.

If you are a customer on the Answers plan or higher, login and check out the power of this set of Custom Charts tools.  Not a customer yet?  Sign up for a free trial.