CB Insights' company comparison capability makes side-by-side evaluations of industry players and competitors stupid simple.

Understanding how companies stack up against one another has been a frequent request of our customers. Whether you are in VC, business development, corporate M&A or corporate strategy, quickly sizing up a set of companies in a space or who compete with one another is important to our clients so they can understand who:

  • Is the most well-funded
  • Is hiring the fastest
  • Has the most buzz
  • Might have backers (investors or board members) you know

So today, we’re happy to launch our Company Comparison feature on CB Insights to make these comparisons easier. Our other goal was to make the created comparisons easy to share for our customers and our own research team.

It’s insanely intuitive and given that our clients are of above average intelligence (and attractiveness), it should take all of 4 milliseconds for them to figure it out. But just in case, we detail how it works below with example comparisons of Y Combinator’s unicorns, Uber competitors and players in the fantasy sports gambling space.

There are a few ways to get the Company Comparison capability — from the navigation menu under the Analytics & Research drop-down menu, or directly from a company’s profile.

First, under Analytics & Research, hit the Compare Companies menu item. You’ll be brought to a page where a set of pre-designed popular comparisons are available:

  • Ride-sharing companies like Lyft and Uber
  • On-demand food delivery startups like Doordash, PostMates, Munchery and SpoonRocket
  • Mobile payments companies like WePay, Square, Venmo, Coin


company comparison CB Insights


Here is an example screenshot for Y Combinator unicorns.

Y Combinator Unicorns - Want to run, edit or see the entire comparison? CB Insight clients* should click this link

y combinator unicorns


You can, of course, choose to compare companies of your own choosing by typing companies into the search bar.  On the main company comparison page, if we enter Uber, it will take you to a comparison page with Uber.  You can quickly add Lyft which is Uber’s closest comparable in the US as well as international competitors like Softbank Corp-backed GrabTaxi of Singapore as well as Accel Partners and Index Ventures-backed BlaBlaCar of Paris. For your reference, Grab Taxi along with Didi Kuaidi are mounting a formidable counter-attack to Uber in Asia.

uber competior comparison step1

Below is an excerpt of the company comparison of these four players.

Uber competitor comparison - Want to run, edit or see the entire comparison? CB Insight clients* should click this link.

uber competitor comparison


The final way to conduct a company comparison is to launch it directly from a company’s profile. In this case, we’ll take a look at fantasy Sports betting/gambling sites from the profile of FanDuel. To launch the comparison tool from the company’s profile, simply hit the “Compare” button.

Fantasy Sports gambling startup comparison - Want to run, edit or see the entire comparison? CB Insight clients* should click this link

fanduel investors competitors


This will launch the Company Comparison for FanDuel. In this case, we’ve added DraftKings and some smaller players in the space Victiv.com and SportsLock.

fanduel, draftkings, victiv, sportslock comparison

*Note: The capability is only available to paying customers on the Insights plan or greater.