Tracking company and industry news has historically been as easy as nailing jello to a tree. CB Insights Newsstand makes it efficient, beautiful and simple.

If you have a set of companies or an industry you want to track, you’ve traditionally used some hopelessly antiquated and non-integrated mix of:

  1. Google Alerts (or similar alert services)
  2. Manually visiting the company websites randomly over time to scan for new news/developments
  3. Scanning tons of media outlets, newsletters and Twitter
  4. Prayer

You know that if you’ve ever tried to track more than 10 companies or a handful of industries that this is a Sisyphean effort – akin to trying to nail jello to a tree.

But there is a better way.

Note: If you think the above ‘methodology’ of prayer, Google Alerts and homepage visits is efficient, it is safe to say you can stop reading this now.


Still there?

Today, we’re happy to release CB Insights Newsstand – an efficient, beautiful and simple way to stay alerted on company and industry news via both the Newsstand page on the CB Insights website and via alerts sent to you via email.

It was just launched and already we are seeing clients use it in meaningful ways.

  • Portfolio and competitor tracking – stay updated on portfolio companies & their competitors (and let your portfolio companies’ CEOs know as well)
  • Deal and lead tracking – closely watch a set of prospective deals (potential investment, partnership, M&A or sales opportunities)
  • Industry updates – stay on top of key developments in industries of interest

Never miss portfolio companies & competitor news

Let’s say you are an analyst at a VC firm which has invested in Instacart.

You want to keep tabs on Instacart and its competitors. You can find these on the company’s profile under Similar Companies as the screenshot below illustrates.  These would be folks like Doordash, PostMates and FreshDirect among others.

Instacart profile


To stay updated on InstaCart and these competitors, you’d simply build a Private List called “Instacart and Comps” (here’s the step-by-step instructions on how to build a Private List).  Once you’ve done that, you’d simply visit the Private Lists page and be greeted by the Newsstand page for your “Instacart and Comps” list as follows:


Instacart competitors


Similarly, if you wanted to track the ad tech industry or all of First Round Capital’s early stage bets or a set of business development leads, Newsstand can handle all of that.

In addition, as can be seen above, Newsstand enables two very powerful things:

  • Collaboration – The little arrow next to the “Instacart And Comps” text allows you to share this Newsstand page with others on your team. Now you can create a Newsstand page and your entire team (from peers to senior leadership) can be given access.
  • Identifying similar companies – Newsstand recommends new companies that appear to be similar (rightmost column) to existing companies on your list. This helps keep you updated on new companies that you may want to add to your private list and hence get news alerts on within Newsstand.

In addition to the Newsstand page on the CB Insights portal, you’ll also get email alerts with the latest news across all private lists you’ve created.

Tracking hundreds of companies and industries has never been easier. Check out CB Insights Newsstand.

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