We scraped the BIO conference list to help you organize your conference experience

With the BIO 2016 healthcare conference in San Francisco coming up June 6 to June 9, we used the CB Insights database to highlight a few early-stage companies exhibiting that are tackling interesting problems.

We scraped the exhibitor page on the event website and created a public list on the CB Insights database that includes funding and performance information for each of the companies we matched. We identified 11 seed/Series A companies that have not yet raised a Series B working across different spaces including the microbiome, virtual reality therapy, and novel cancer diagnostics.

If you want to check the full list out, you should sign up for a free trial here and look for “BIO 2016″ under company lists. You’ll be able to see the companies’ performance, funding, and investors among other important information to better narrow which companies you should be looking out for at the conference.

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1. 20n


20n develops algorithms that engineer microbes to make chemicals. Similarly to how yeast produces alcohol during beer brewing, engineered microbes can produce chemicals with different applications, including therapeutic health and industrial biotech.

Select Investors: Y Combinator


2. Atomwise


Atomwise uses machine learning to discover new medicines. The company’s tools and analytics asses the potential new drugs, and discover new uses for old medicines.

Select Investors: Data Collective, Khosla Ventures, Draper Fisher Jurvetson


3. Biogelx


Biogelx designs and supplies a family of “hydrogels” that mimic the behavior of the body’s tissues and organs. The gels can be used in drug discovery and toxicology screenings, among other applications.

Select Investors: Gabriel Investments, Peak Capital Advisors, Scottish Investment Bank


4. DeepStream VR

deepstreamvrDeepStream VR is developing immersive virtual reality-powered therapies to help patients manage chronic pain.

Select Investors: Rothenberg Ventures River Accelerator


5. EpiBone


EpiBone is a bone reconstruction company that allows patients to “grow their own bones.” EpiBone’s technology utilizes a scan of the patient’s bone defect and the patient’s own stem cells to construct and cultivate a defect-specific bone graft.

Select Investors: Breakout Labs, Partnership Fund for New York City, United Enterprise Investments


6. GeneCapture


GeneCapture is developing a portable medical device to detect and identify any known pathogen in less than 1 hour for less than $20.

Select Investors: Alabama Launchpad


7. MaaT Pharma

maat pharma

MaaT Pharma is a biotechnology company focusing on microbial technology to cure disease. MaaT stands for “Microbiota as a Therapy” and focuses on treating serious diseases linked to imbalances in the intestinal microbiome (also known as dysbiosis.

Select Investors: Biocodex, Seventure Partners




MiNDERA utilizes micro-needle technology to non-invasively test for skin cancer and other skin diseases by picking up biomarkers.

Select Investors: Scientific Health Development


9. Nucleix


Nucleix develops, manufactures and markets non-invasive molecular diagnostic tests for cancer. The tests are based on identifying changes in methylation patterns, which could be used to detect the presence of tumors in body fluids, such as urine and blood. The company currently has a urine test to monitor bladder cancer.

Select Investors: Aurum Ventures, OrbiMed Advisor


10. Orig3n


Orig3n is developing treatments for rare, genetically inherited disorders with science rooted in “induced pluripotent stem cells,” which can potentially become any cell in the body.

Select Investors: DEFTA Partners, Hatteras Venture Partners, KTB Capital


11. Synthorx


Synthorx is a biotechnology company using synthetic biology to discover and develop therapeutics, diagnostics, and vaccines. The company has expanded the genetic alphabet by creating synthetic base pairs outside of the existing nucleotides, Instead of just the regular ATCG DNA building blocks, Synthorx has crafted base pairs X-Y, which has potential to create new proteins, vaccines, etc.

Select investors: Avalon Ventures, Correlation Ventures 


Want more information on the conference attendees? Sign up for our private market database and search for “BIO 2016″ under company lists.