Q2 2012 sees financing and deals up 150% and 304%, respectively. Is big data another buzzword or the next big thing?

Big data, whether you believe it be this year’s VC buzzword (remember hyperlocal?) or truly the next big thing in IT, has clearly captured the hearts (and wallets) of VCs with big data financing eclipsing the $1 billion mark since Q2 2011.  In fact, $1.15 billion has been invested across 90 transactions over that period.  Although funding dropped off significantly in Q1 2012 (see chart below), deal activity has been steadily increasing over the last five quarters and shows little sign of abating.

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Putting aside the Q1 2011 funding dip, the trend for venture funding has also been on the rise.  On a yoy basis, Q2 2012 on a deals and dollars basis to big data companies was up an eye-popping 150% and 304%, respectively coming in at 90 deals invested seeing $460.3 million.