Big data infrastructure and applications are a distant 2nd and 3rd to analytics in the race for big data VC dollars.

Big data companies have taken in $1.1 billion of VC funding since Q2 2011, and peeling back the deal activity in the big data sector over the last ten quarters (see chart below) shows that within the big data landscape, analytics companies have taken the majority of VC deals to-date. These analytics companies include those offering real-time data such as Metamarkets and others offering analytics solutions such as Datameer.

Of course, big data infrastructure (e.g. Couchbase) and applications (DataXu) have sizable shares of deal volume as well and increasingly, we see big data firms that are spanning 2 or 3 of these disciplines so the interrelationships and complexity within the big data area look to only be increasing over time.

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(hat tip to Matt Turck of Bloomberg Ventures for his taxonomy of the Big Data ecosystem)