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Whether you’re interested in investing in a technology company or a technology company’s services, our team’s ambition is to empower you to make a more confident, data-informed decision.

Brian Lee SVP, Intelligence Unit

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Hey, these are our values. Read them because
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Build Dope Isht

We have unreasonably high standards for the products,
services and processes we build. For the customers we serve, the best way to earn and keep their trust is to relentlessly focus on building dope isht.

Seek the Truth

We improve ourselves and our teams by hunting for, sharing, and incorporating honest feedback. Our team is intellectually nimble and willing to disprove prior-held beliefs if it results in better products, services, and experiences for our customers. 

Create Simplicity

We are fanatical about speed which is the result of reducing complexity and creating clarity. Simple communication, simple processes, and simple products coupled with a focus on the essential few versus the trivial many, allow us to innovate and invent for our customers. 

Dive Deep

Our customers and teammates rightfully expect us to know our isht and be right a lot. That means we get close to the ground and burrow into the details to understand how things fundamentally work. Only by being obsessed with little things do amazing things emerge.

Push Limits

Working here is not fun because it is easy. It’s fun because what we build drives the tech economy forward. This requires us to be wildly ambitious. It also means there will be times when more is expected of us than we believe we’re capable of. That’s when the magic happens.

Own Outcomes

We are judged by the outcomes we deliver for our customers not on the volume or frequency of our outputs. This requires us to be unwaveringly accountable for the commitments we make to our customers, to our teammates, and to ourselves.

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