What is CB Insights?

CB Insights is your personalized gateway to smarter, faster, friendlier intelligence on high growth private companies.

CB Insights is the ideal tool for those engaged in private equity, venture capital, corporate development, investment banking, corporate innovation & strategy, angel investment and consulting. Whether it is deal sourcing, due diligence, or market and competitive intelligence, CBI has been created to assist you in discovering the right private company information in the most efficient, comprehensive way.

Why is CB Insights Better?

Users describe the information platforms they use today as archaic, incomplete, frustrating, expensive, rigid and confusing. CB Insights was designed to offer a better, more comprehensive solution than those offered by existing resources.

What companies does CB Insights track?

Our proprietary sourcing methods enable CB Insights to track high-value private companies ranging from early-stage companies funded by angel investors, government grants and incubators to private equity and venture capital backed firms to under the radar mid-market private companies.

CB Insights tracks companies across sectors and industries covering everything from industrial to internet, manufacturing to mobile and biotech to business services.