Disclosed valuations for acquired private tech companies also jumped in value climbing 19.8% with 2012 registering $46.8B in deal value and 2011 coming in at $39.1B

We published our 2012 Tech M&A Report last week highlighting trends among the 2277 private tech companies acquired in 2012.  To give this number some additional context, we wanted to compare the 2012 tech M&A activity was 2011.

The chart below provides a two year quarterly view of tech M&A transactions and saw 1895 private tech companies acquired in 2011 meaing that 2012 saw 20.2% growth in acquisition activity.  As we highlighted in the report, 2013 could be an even bigger year with the cash hordes held by tech’s largest players and as we see non-tech companies acquiring technology companies given the infiltration of tech into non-tech industries as well (yes the whole “software is eating the world” thing).

In 2012, 331 M&A transaction had disclosed valuations totaling $46.8B, a 19.8% increase from 2011 which saw slightly more transactions disclose valuations (338) but for less value ($39.05B).


And since everyone loves a top 10 list, we compiled a list of the top 10 deals of 2011 (you’re welcome).