From Apple to Facebook to Symantec, the 30 largest tech companies are sitting on massive cash balances. With improving sentiment, is tech M&A about to pick up?

The largest 30 technology companies currently have nearly $180 billion in liquid cash and cash equivalents on their balance sheets. Yes $180 billion with a B. That coupled with increasingly positive economic sentiment might mean good things for M&A activity.

Below is a list of the top 30 tech companies with the most cash and cash equivalents on their balance sheets (note: a larger list in Excel is available for 500+ largest public tech companies is available after logging into CB Insights).

Google tops the list with over $16B in cash, followed by Oracle at $14.5B and Hewlett-Packard at over $13B. Apple, which in April announced a plan to distribute $100B to shareholders by the end of 2015, comes in fourth at just over $11B (though the company’s position as of last quarter grows to over $146B when including short and long-term marketable securities). Together, the top 30 tech firms, hold an eye-popping $180B in liquid cash and cash equivalents. (Click on the graphic to expand.)

The companies on the list below as well as on the larger 500+ company list are based on the industry designations provided by NYSE and Nasdaq.

A free spreadsheet detailing the cash positions of 500+ public tech companies can be found on the ‘Research’ tab, after logging in to CB Insights. (Note: This is available to anybody who logs into CB Insights – not just our paid subscribers.)