CB Insights FundingFlash is the industry’s most comprehensive and real-time daily roundup of companies receiving venture capital, growth equity or angel funding.  This morning’s CB Insights FundingFlash highlighted 28 companies who received a total of $171.8 million of financing in the last day and included news of Nano-Terra’s financing, a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based company.

Nano-Terra, a Cambridge, Massachusetts company, is a nano- and micro-technology development firm whose technology platform’s key components include soft lithography, self-assembly, surface chemistry and fluidics.  It was reported in this morning’s FundingFlash to have raised over $17 million. Nano-Terra’s capabilities are based on the innovations of Dr. George Whitesides, a professor at Harvard University, who serves as the company’s Chairman and Head of their Scientific Advisory Board.

As of the writing of this brief, North Bridge Venture Partners is likely to have participated and led the investment.  Dr. Carmichael Roberts of North Bridge serves as the Vice Chairman of Nano-Terra.

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